ARC XL w/ L.A.N.D Drone Strobe Light Anti-collision


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If you own a drone, it’s important that you understand the rules that keep you and others safe. Visit to find out more

Product Description

Our best selling ARC XL with L.A.N.D System to locate lost drones..Firehouse Technology Arc XL Strobe Light Navigation Kit with L.A.N.D. System. This new strobe features 5- XPE Lights per module that uses a focused lens over each LED to amplify range. This provides the output of 1000 Lumens making it the Brightest Standalone Drone Strobe on the Market. It features a new IP67 rated case that provides protection from dust and light rain, with a streamlined design and no impact on flight times or flight dynamics. The rechargeable battery is the highest capacity on the market (250 mhr) which means longer run times between charges. Charges off micro USB cable (included) and can be charged in the field. New L.A.N.D System has been integrated into the body of the light, This is based off a Firefighters PASS alarm system that helps us locate downed firefighters, The the added L.A.N.D. system will sound a 90 dcb alarm if your aircraft goes down and assists you in locating it. Since the light and alarm have their own power supply they are not affected by the loss of power to the aircraft. Simply look at the last seen point in your flight app, and go to the area noted, look for the visual signal (strobe) and listen for the audible signal (alarm). This is the only strobe that uses or patent-pending design. As with our other Arc Series lights, it features 3 lighting modes: Strobe (1Hz 60 strobes per second), Slow Flash and Steady. This allows for daytime use greatly improving Line of sight, as well as night visibility per FAA 107 regulations. It also allows different patterns if you have more than one aircraft in the air helping to ID each pilot, The range is > 3.5 Statute Miles and a certificate of testing is included to assist with waivers. This light has a side power on and mode button, eliminating accidentally turning it on when in storage. Tap the button and hear an audible beep and flash to indicate flight readiness. Press and hold 3 seconds to turn on and off. Tap button when on to change light modes. If the strobe does not detect movement for 240 seconds (4 Minutes) it will go into alarm. Simple move it slightly to reset. In-flight the aircraft movement even in hover will not allow an alarm to turn on accidentally. The Kit comes with 1 Arc XL Strobes (use drop-down for colors). We DO NOT use any goofy lenses over the top this greatly reduces light output we use colors XPE LEDs to ensure the brightest output at all times. Mounting is with Velcro or VHB tape (included) and can be used without custom mounts for the arms and legs or larger aircraft. This light will work on ANY Drone including DJI, Autel, Parrot, Yuneec.

Because of the human eye’s limitations, Every color has different visibility and energy transfer rate.

Also every LED color has different chemical compounds and efficiency. Thus use White or Red for FAA 107 for the greatest range…other colors for Navigation

WHITE The best visibility and efficiency.

RED2th in the visibility, efficiency is the same as white but the best for warning.

GREEN:  3th in visibility and efficiency. Best for Standard RED/GREEN (Left/Right) navigation usage.

BLUE:   4th visibility and also efficiency. We are not suggesting this color for warning or navigation but special usage.

Bottom line: White and Red is the best option if you need long-range visible strobes. And you can use the green to identify your flying platform direction. Blue is only for special applications.

Notice: The battery includes its own PCM module. This module protects the battery from overcharge and discharges for a long lifespan. If there is no life sign on the circuit when you press the button, probably discharge protection has activated because of low battery voltage. Just charge it.

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