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At Drone Shop Perth, we’re committed to providing our customers with the top-of-the-line drones and equipment they need for personal or business use. A reliable drone can make a variety of videography and surveillance tasks much easier. Additionally, packing a drone for your next adventure can be an exciting way to capture the memories of your trip.

For affordable and cutting-edge DJI drones, trust only Drone Shop Perth to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

DJI and Thermal Imaging Drones

The DJI Enterprise Matrice 300RTK drone with thermal imaging is the perfect addition to your workforce or videography equipment. It boasts a 40 minute flight time before requiring a charge so that you can handle your drone needs without any interruption. The Matrice 300RTK can also withstand frigid temperatures without any damage.

It has up to 15-kilometre transmission range so that you capture footage from greater distances than other traditional drones. However, to fly your drone to that maximum distance, you will need an Instrument Rating license. If you own a business that is based in the outdoors, a thermal imaging drone can be a lifesaver and save you time and money.

The Matrice 300RTK drone with thermal imaging is lined with sensors that will prevent it from bumping or crashing into any dangers in the air. If your business or recreational use requires some congested flying, the Matrice is the optimal choice to meet your needs.

The Matrice 300RTK also has a primary flight display that makes maneuvering and flying a breeze. With the Matrice from Drone Shop Perth, you can capture high-quality footage and content that can make your daily responsibilities easier.

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To learn more about our selection of DJI drones and thermal imaging drones, call us on 08 6278 1333. We look forward to providing you with stellar drones and equipment for your daily use. Contact us today for special offers and all other general questions.

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