DJI Matrice 300 RTK SP combo – 2xTB60 and BS60

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Product Description

The Matrice 300 RTK sets a new standard for industrial drones by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivalled reliability.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK SP combo with Accessories –  2 x TB60 and BS60 Intelligent Battery Station- Universal Edition, free Enterprise Basic Shield. (Excludes Dual Gimbal Connector or Upward Gimbal Connector and Cameras)


  • 55 minute MAX flight time (no payload)
  • Handoff – One pilot can “handoff” drone to another pilot to help keep the drone within line of sight
  • Battery Hotswap – Drone does not power down when changing out batteries, which improves turn around time between missions.
  • IP45 Rated – Able to fly in light rain
  • Self-Heating Batteries
  • Operating Temperature Range from -4°F to 156°F
  • Airsense ADS-B Receiver
  • Smart Pin & Track – Advanced tracking of moving objects and the pinpoint of their geo-location
  • RTK compatible with existing D-RTK 2 Basestation for Phantom 4 RTK or M210 RTK
  • 9 mile Max Transmission
  • Smart Inspection with drone position and camera settings saved to get repeat imagery for routine inspections.
  • 6 direction sensing and positioning
  • Three-propeller Emergency Landing
    In the unlikely case of a motor malfunction during flight, the M300 RTK can make an emergency landing with
    just three propellers/motors. Basic controls, such as ascending, descending, and horizontal movements, are still in place. Inevitably, the drone and the payload will be damaged during the landing, but the operator can choose to land somewhere away from people or buildings to keep them safe.
  •  Please kindly note that the price of MATRICE 300 RTK excludes cameras includes free Enterprise Basic Shield.


Matrice 300 RTK Aircraft Body
– DJI Smart Controller Enterprise (remote controller)
– USB Charger
– USB-C Cable
– WB37 Battery for remote controller
– 2 x 2110 Propellers (CW)
– 2 x 2100 Propellers (CCW)
– 2 x Landing gear
– Spare stick cover (pair)
– 2 x Spare propeller holder
– 4 x spare gimbal damper
– USB Cable (double A ports)
– Vision system calibration plate
– Carry case
– Smart controller lanyard
– Rubber port cover (set)
– Screws and tools

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