PGYTECH Fast-fold landing pad 110cm


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Product Description


         1. Waterproof Material

                High precision printing   Outdoor Type Print  Waterproof  Sun-protection
        2. Double side double color design 
               Application of different occasions     Highlight the location of the Helipad
        3. Specialty Carrying bag
               High-quality     Beautiful shape fashion     Strong      Easy to carry out.
        4. Nylon  handle
              High-quality nylon material      Easy to carry
       Brand: PGY-TECH

Name:  PGY Landing Pad for Drones  Fast-Fold, DameterUse Both Sides

       Item No:  PGY-AC-299
       Packing Diameter 42CM Folded
       Net weight:  535 g
       Developed dimension:   110CM
      Material:  Waterproof HI-Q nylon