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Product Description


The DJI Mavic is back and better than ever with the all-new DJI Mavic 3 which combines two powerful cameras into a single all-in-one aerial cinema solution. The Mavic 3 packs a punch, incorporating a 4/3” Hasselblad L2D-20c camera capable of 20MP photo and 5.1K video alongside 1/2″ CMOS telephoto sensor with up to 7X optical zoom.With an industry-leading 46 minutes of battery life, up to 15km of range with the O3+ wireless video transmission system and APAS 5.0, the Mavic 3 is an absolute powerhouse, perfect for any creative application. Plus, with support for all your creative filmmaking modes like ActiveTrack 5.0, QuickShots, MasterShots and more, you’ll never run out of ways to creatively capture a scene.How does the Mavic 3 compare to the Mavic 2?The Mavic 3 takes the fan favourite Mavic 2 and improves upon it in every aspect – from the camera performance to the battery life, all the way to the new propeller design. The Mavic 3 delivers 5.1K video compared to the Mavic 2’s 4K resolution, can fly for up to 46 minutes on a single charge and takes advantage of DJI’s latest safety protocols and algorithms. The Mavic 3 includes 2 cameras on the one drone – a first for a consumer series DJI drone. This means you no longer need to choose between a Pro or Zoom camera like the Mavic 2. It’s an all-in-one aerial imaging system!
How does the Mavic 3 Cine compare to the standard Mavic 3?The Mavic 3 Cine includes all the great features found on the standard Mavic 3 but takes video recording to a whole new level with native Apple ProRes 422 recording, providing unparalleled recording power with a data-rich codec. The Mavic 3 Cine also includes a built-in 1TB SSD for fast, secure data reading, writing and transfer. With the Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo, you’ll also receive the DJI RC Pro, a remote controller with a built-in 1,000 nit display custom-designed for the Mavic 3 Cine.
  • 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
  • 46 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • 15km Max Transmission Range
  • Advanced Return to Home

A Camera for Capturing the Best

The 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera can effectively suppress noise in low-light environments, delivering higher resolution and dynamic range.

Extended Flight Time to See More

With a redesigned intelligent flight battery architecture, the Mavic 3 supports a longer flight time than ever before, with up to 46 minutes of flight time from just a single charge – that’s a 50% increase! 
Not only can Mavic 3 fly for longer, but with advanced O3+ transmission technology, Mavic 3 provides an unheard of wireless video transmission range of 15km, all in full HD at 60fps!

Upgraded Transmission System

The upgraded O3+ transmission system enables a 15km * max transmission range and a 1080p/60fps live feed for smooth, stable flights.

Fly with Intelligent Safety

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors ensure that your flight isn’t interrupted by pesky obstacles with intelligent pathfinding.
Advanced RTH
With Advanced Return to Home, ending your flight is easier than ever. Simply trigger RTH and the Mavic 3 will intelligently follow the optimal path home.


A Pro Codec for Pro Creation

Mavic 3 Cine supports Apple ProRes 422 HQ [1] encoding and has a built-in 1TB SSD, facilitating professional creation in every way.

Mavic 3 brings back all of your favourite Intelligent Shooting Modes with new improvements for greater performance.

ActiveTrack 5.0
You can now experience DJI’s most advanced tracking algorithm yet with ActiveTrack 5.0 for more precise subject tracking than ever before!

Capture an entire reel of dynamic drone shots with a single touch with MasterShots!


DJI Mavic 3
Flagship drone for advanced shooting
895 g
4/3 CMOS
20 MP, DNG (RAW)
5.1K/50fps, 4K/120fps
46-minute Flight Time (no wind)
O3+, 15km, 1080p/60fps Transmission *
Complete Omnidirectional
ActiveTrack 5.0 **
Advanced RTH
Standard RC
8 GB internal storage
28x Zoom
MasterShots **

APAS 5.0

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