DJI MATRICE 600 Battery Case


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Product Description

DJI MATRICE 600 Battery Case

The Matrice 600 Battery Travel Case can hold up 2 DJI Hex Chargers and 18 Intelligent Flight Batteries (TB47S / TB48S / TB47D / TB48D). Integrated wheels make the travel case easy to maneuver. Using the reserved spaces, batteries can be charged without removing batteries or chargers from the travel case. Specifications Dimensions: 860 mm × 560 mm × 455 mm Net Weight: 10.5 kg Max Internal Load: 18 kg Compatible Batteries: TB47S / TB48S / TB47D / TB48D Intelligent Flight Battery × 18 pcs Compatible Chargers: MC6S600 (DJI Hex Charger) × 2 pcs Operating Temperature: -10° to 50 ° C