Autel Evo II Intelligent Battery


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Product Description

EVO II Intelligent Battery

EVO II Intelligent Flight Battery, with a rated capacity of 82 Wh, has high-energy-density polymer lithium-ion cells. Its cells, powered by laminated cell technology, which greatly reduces the internal resistance and improves the available capacity of the battery, provide an excellent battery life of 40 min. The built-in Autel intelligent battery management system intelligently monitors battery power and various states of the battery, and can accurately calculate the remaining battery life to guarantee flight safety. It has multiple safety protections to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, overtemperature, under temperature, short circuit, etc. It also enables static equalization, self-discharge storage mode, and ultra-low power mode.

Product Information


High-performance lithium polymer cell; Laminated cell technology; High-temperature cell; Battery life up to 40 min; Multiple security settings and practical functions.


Battery Type: high-performance lithium-polymer battery Rated Capacity: 7100 mAh, 82 Wh Nominal Voltage: 11.55V Limited Charging Voltage: 13.20V (3 cells, 4.4V for each) Discharge Working Temperature: -10 to 60℃ Charging Working Temperature: 5-45℃

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