ARC II High Intensity Cree 4 LED Strobe Light for Drones




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If you own a drone, it’s important that you understand the rules that keep you and others safe. Visit to find out more

Product Description

“ARC” II High-Intensity Cree 4  LED Strobe Light for Drones FAA 107 Compliant NO WIRING NEEDED Fits all Quadcopters DJI Inspire Phantom Typhoon H MAVIC Q500 Spark RC Plane

Our NEW “ARC” II Cree® Standalone Strobe is our brightest navigation strobe to date and the brightest  self contained strobe on the market!  It now features 4 cree lights in  one unit and a new improved interface with 3 lighting modes, Strobe, Flash, and a fixed (solid) mode. we also has a charge indicator.  Its available in White, Red, Green Fully FAA 107.29 compliant for night flights, with our own night waiver on file.  Use the drop-down menu to select color and quantity you need.  The CREE bulbs give it clear visibility well in excess of the FAA 107 requirement for night flights (3 SM Miles) and greatly helps in maintain Line of sight (LOS) while in flight for pilot.  Works on all drones like DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro, Air, Spark, DJI Inspire 1 2, Matrice, 3DR Solo, Walkera, and others. It features a 250 mhr battery rechargeable battery for longer run times and comes in the complete set with all you need to mount and fly. Fully self-contained rechargeable ARC requires no external or tapping into your drones battery or goofy wiring NO impact on flight time or flight dynamics. Battery lasts 6 hours > on a single charge, recharge via usb! Simple mount with included 3M tape Provides needed navigation light per FAA for dusk/dawn or night flights and provides visual orientation. Units measure 1″ by 1.5″ and is 6 grams!  Very light and does not impact flight dynamics. This product is compatible with latest FAA and CAA anti collision lights rules for drones. It’s visible from 3 miles away at night.  Features

  • 6 hours continuous operation with onboard battery. (in strobe mode)
  • 4 – Powerful Cree® Standalone LEDs in light
  • 3 Modes – Strobe, Flash, and Fixed (solid)
  • Easy to use single button interface.
  • Charge indicator light
  • MicroUSB charge cable just plug into usb port.(included)
  • Battery with internal overcharge and discharge protection.
  • Clear protective wrap prevent dust and water intrusion.
  • Comes complete with charge cable, 3m VHB mount tape and Arc strobe light


  • BATTERY: Plug into USB, blinking is charging, steady (or off) is a full charge.
  • ON/OFF: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn ON or OFF
  • MODES: Once the unit is turned on will default to strobe mode.  To change modes tap the button.  This will send it to flash mode(slow steady flash) or Fixed Mode (solid light no flash) In the fixed mode battery life will be much shorter than in flash or strobe.

Notice: The battery includes its own PCM module. This module protects the battery from overcharge and discharge for long lifespan. If there is no life sign on the circuit when you press the button, probably discharge protection has activated because of low battery voltage. Just charge it. Specifications

    • Dimensions: 1″ x 1.5″ X  3/16″
    • Weight: 5gr
    • Current Consumption:
    • Charge Port: MicroUSB
    • Lipo Battery – 250 mhr
    • Charge Time: ~2 hours